ok you all know what I’m thinking….cause you are now thinking it too…That full frontal needs to happen in High Rise… for sciencey reasons of course…. Ladies please ready your lab coats and pray that they will be needed….

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Jesus Christ, why did I read that? I mean, I was scrolling down and when I saw the tags I knew something like this was coming. WHY DID I READ THAT? And then I started to look to his mouth and try to decide if it’s true. I don’t think so, by the way, but it was not supposed to happen this morning. 

*delays aroused flailing*

Wouldn’t then also be true that the colour of a girl’s lips is also the colour of her clit?

*takes off panties*

—>well, mine is, really. What about you?

*let aroused flailing commence*

staring at his lips will never be the same again.
I can’t fucking believe we climbed yet another level of dirty and hot with this man

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Dear Fandom Gods,

Please bless this fangirl, along with her fellow sisters, with the beautiful image of Tom Hiddleston sunbathing in the nude in “High Rise.”

I will forever owe you my gratitude.

I’m on my knees.

HR xx.

P.S. - If you grant me this prayer, please let me know in advance, as I will be needing to stock up on extra sets of panties. Kay thanks.







ComicCon 2010.

Back when he was a smutty sweary sex god. 😍

Floofy-haired, boot-wearing, crinkle-nosed, smirky little motherfucker…
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…you have ruined me for boots, madam.

Ehehehe… These are his Ariats, one of his most prized possessions, Fuck, I love him! He’s ruined me for other men…

Oh Look
! Its my loverboy Oakley! :)

oh yes. oh he’s about to pay for what he’s done in chapter 18 *mmmm*

Professor, ch 17


Title: Professor, chapter 17
Genre: smut, romance, angst
Characters: Oakley, Professor (Lydia)
Summary: Oakley and his professor are surprisingly reunited years after their secret affair, only to reveal how their lives have changed, some for better, some for worse.
Notes: ophelia-tagloff xdelayedgratification celtickaye siyoteodiara tarrysmith insatiablebookslut beachgrl76 jossisgod mypreciousmind1
smittentomkitten tomslegsarekillingmeslowly shh-carrie-is-dreaming

The past, her reminiscing is italicized.


Two weeks have passed. And oh Lord, what two weeks they were. He was practically living in your place, since you two seemed unable to be away from each other. You had some work to do – at home, so you rarely went out, preparing to start your summer school lectures, before the academic year
He would run out to do whatever he needed to do, making whatever excuses to his roommate he was making, then run back to you. It’s how young love was, it felt like that, you were hungry of him, constantly orbiting around his presence, and looked with a warm heart on his subconscious movements: he would always touch at least one part of you: a hand, absent-mindedly flicking his fingers over your shoulder, holding his head in your lap when you would work. It seemed dreamy, still apart from this world, from your everyday functioning, so your mind allowed it.

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You bitches are seriously pissing me off. I don’t post a chapter for a week, I get 17 fucking asks on the new one, anon or otherwise. Then I post three chapter in like two days, and nobody is fucking reading it.